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Windrusher Hall Press is the home of award-winning author Victor DiGenti and his alter ego Parker Francis, a writer of mysteries, thrillers and speculative fiction. Working as a biographer, ghostwriter, and publisher, Vic helps individuals turn their life stories into lasting legacies

“I literally couldn’t put it down—it is so beautifully written. What a wonderful read. I can’t wait for Windrusher’s next adventure.”
~Betty White, actress and animal rights activist
“Parker Francis’ Hurricane Island starts with a gust and steadily increases to hurricane speeds. You’ll want to lash yourself to a palm tree and hang on for dear life.”
~Lisa Black. NYT Bestselling author
Bring Down the Furies is engrossing, unpredictable, and fast-paced. So pour yourself a drink, settle into your easy chair, open the book, and begin. You’re home for the evening. You won’t stop until it’s over.”
~John Dufresne, author, screenwriter, and MFA professor at FIU
“We never could have done what he did and now the stories will not be lost for future generations. These books are the best gift we could pass on, and it’s thanks to Vic.”
~Barbara Haugen, — A History of the Haugen–Landmark Families and Blueberry Fields Forever
Cover of "The Last Beach Boy: A True American Story of Life and Adventure" by Robert (Bobby) Solano

Latest Release:

The Last Beach Boy: A True American Story of Life and Adventure

By Robert (Bobby) Solano

Graduating from high school in 1954, Bobby Solano’s future seemed extremely limited. He was descended from generations of Minorcans, and his family lived on the threshold of poverty, searching Northeast Florida’s beaches for mullet and turtle eggs, hunting hogs, and gopher turtles. These experiences taught him that read more…