Cover of 'Love, Ebbie'
Love Ebbie – Edward LeMaster’s Korean War Letters

Vic DiGenti did a superb job for our family in creating a book out of the letters our husband/father wrote to his mother while in the U.S. Air Force during the Korean War. Vic took his 150-plus letters and accompanying materials and put them in historical and pictorial context to create a lasting memory for our family. The book was expertly organized and presented an accurate picture of an enlisted man’s experience as part of a B-29 war crew. We highly recommend Vic for his ability to create distinct publications chronicling the legacy of a family.

—Harriet, Katie, and Ted LeMaster

Cover of 'Windrusher' by Victor DiGenti

What a sensory kaleidoscope! Hang on for a captivating rollercoaster ride as DiGenti pierces the mysterious veil of a cat’s secret life in this magical epic.

—Pamela Bauer Meuller, award-winning author of books for adults and children

Cover of 'Windrusher and the Trail of Fire' by Victor DiGenti
Windrusher and the Trail of Fire

From the first thrilling chase to the last, DiGenti’s heroic Windrusher leads readers through a wilderness in which cats are as brave, loyal, and spiritual as any two-legger creatures, and more sensitive, to boot. Great fun!

—Clea Simon, author of the Blackie & Care mysteries and the Witch Cats of Cambridge mysteries

Cover of 'Matanzas Bay' by Parker Francis
Matanzas Bay

Matanzas Bay is as intricate and full of surprises as an archaeological dig into old Florida’s treasures and new Florida’s darkest secrets. Francis’s private detective Quint Mitchell has hard edges, an anguished past, and just the right amount of wise-cracking good humor to keep readers smiling. Matanzas Bay is a page-turner to the end.

—Michael Wiley, Shamus Award-winning author of hard-boiled detective mysteries

Cover of 'Bring Down the Furies' by Parker Francis
Bring Down the Furies

Bring Down the Furies is engrossing, unpredictable, and fast-paced. So pour yourself a drink, settle into your easy chair, open the book, and begin. You’re home for the evening. You won’t stop until it’s over.

—John Dufresne, author, screenwriter, and MFA professor at FIU

Ghostly Whispers, Secret Voices

After his death, Edgar Allen Poe’s short stories were published in a volume titled Tales of Mystery and Imagination. Parker Francis’s collection Ghostly Whispers, Secret Voices channels Poe, with a healthy helping of Stephen King’s collection, Graveyard Shift. As an unexpected treat, each story has an original, stylized illustration.

—KP, Amazon buyer and reviewer

Cover of 'The Joy in Life is Helping Others' by Walter Dickinson with Victor DiGenti
The Joy in Life is Helping Others: The Life and Times of Waler Dickinson

One of the greatest gifts you can give to a family is a gift that creates a lasting legacy. Victor DiGenti’s book, The Joy in Life is Helping Others: The Life and Times of Walter Dickinson, captured my father’s many accomplishments, his personal struggles, and the rewards of a successful career. More than a simple recital of chronological facts, Vic’s writing, research, and many interviews, pulled together a family history dating back several generations and helped us connect to our past.

—Alan Dickinson

Cover of 'Music is My Ticket' by Bill Prince with Victor DiGenti
Music Is My Ticket: The Musical Journey of Bill Prince

Vic DiGenti did a fantastic job of reorganizing and rewriting my biography. He contacted a number of friends from my past and included their comments in my book. I highly recommend Vic for anyone considering a biography of their life.

—Bill Prince

Cover of 'Diff: The Time(s) of My Life'
Diff: The Time(s) of My Life

I never could have done this without Vic’s professional help. His editing and organizational skills were crucial to the success of my book. The demand for copies grew IMMENSELY from my original order as more friends and family members heard about it. My immediate family cherished it as will my grandchildren and hopefully future generations.

—Mike Diffenderffer

Cover of 'We Were Amateur Soldiers' by Martin Olsen with Victor DiGenti
We Were Amateur Soldiers: How the Great Generation Changed the Face of America

Vic did a great job organizing Martin’s many notes and remembrances of his experiences as a young infantry soldier and the company CO’s radio man in the Rainbow Division in 1944 – 1945 during the Battle of The Bulge and crossing the Rhine into Germany.

—With appreciation of his family