Windrusher and the Trail of Fire

Cover of 'Windrusher and the Trail of Fire' by Victor DiGentiWindrusher Series – Book 3

“DiGenti invites the reader into a rich and secret feline world, an experience that will change and enhance all you know, or thought you knew, about cats.”
~ Shirley Rousseau Murphy, author of Cat Pay the Devil

In this third heart-pounding adventure, Windrusher is separated from his Hyskos family, rescued and taken to a sprawling cat sanctuary where he soon learns only danger awaits him. Facing the treachery of two-legged villains intent on forcing the cats from the sanctuary, Windrusher’s destiny is mysteriously linked to a mythical cat from legendary times. Can this dream-link protect him and the other cats standing in the way of a ruthless developer’s greedy desires?

In his most dangerous challenge yet, Windrusher finds there is no sanctuary as he battled conniving humans and a raging wildfire to save two hundred other lives before he can save his own.

“From the first thrilling chase through the last, DiGenti’s heroic Windrusher leads readers through a wilderness in which cats are as brave, loyal, and spiritual as any two-legged creatures, and more sensitive, to boot. Great fun!”
~ Clea Simon, author of Cries and Whiskers