Cover of 'Windrusher' by Victor DiGentiWindrusher Series – Book 1

“I literally couldn’t put it down … it is so beautifully written. I can’t wait for Windrusher’s next adventure.”
~ Betty White

He was just a pet cat his family called Tony, but Windrusher is no ordinary cat. In this first book in the Windrusher trilogy, we’re introduced to Windrusher, a street-smart cat on an epic quest. We learn cats have a culture dating back four-thousand years to ancient Egypt where they were first domesticated, complete with mythic gods and goddesses.

When Windrusher’s family relocates to Florida and leaves their pet with another relative, he is determined to find them. He’s assisted by the Akhen-et-u, a mystical connection that links cats while they sleep. Windrusher sets off on a perilous journey filled with danger, surprise, and adventure.

“Touching, mystical, completely engrossing. Put this on your bookshelf next to Call of the Wild and Black Beauty. Windrusher’s great adventure belongs with the animal classics.”
~ Linda Stewart, author of the Sam the Cat mystery series

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