Blueberry Fields Forever: The Life and Times of Daniel Hodes

Cover of 'Blueberry Fields Forever' by Daniel Hodes with Victor DiGentiBy Daniel Hodes with Victor DiGenti

Who knew what the future would hold for Daniel Hodes, a child growing up on a hardscrabble dairy farm in the Catskills? Picking blueberries was not only a respite from the drudgery of farm work, it offered him a way out. He sold enough blueberries to nearby resort hotels to put himself through college and eventually graduate school. He rose to the position of chief economist with an international communications and electronics firm, before moving on to the Federal Communications Commission’s Cable Services Bureau.

On his journey, Daniel Hodes overcame hardship, physical challenges, and more. Yet he raised a family with six bright children and found love—twice in his life.

This book was written for family and friends and is not available for purchase