Get FURIES for free!

The second Quint Mitchell Mystery, BRING DOWN THE FURIES, is now available for free “borrows” to Amazon Prime members. The Prime program allows members to borrow one book a month free of charge to read at their leisure. FURIES is priced at $3.99, a bargain in its own right, but free is always better. If you agree, then you’ll love the fact that I’m having a FREE promotion on June 12 and 13 and you’ll be able to download the book for free on those two days whether you’re a Prime member or not.

BringDownTheFuries_LowRes_v03You may recall I did the same thing with MATANZAS BAY last February and 30,000 people took advantage of the opportunity to download Quint’s first adventure. After reading MATANZAS BAY many of them decided to read the other Parker Francis offerings, including FURIES and BLUE CRABS AT MIDNIGHT. Amazon’s free promotion days help expose an author’s work to tens of thousands of new readers internationally.

If you’ve already read BRING DOWN THE FURIES, please take a moment to go to the page and write a customer review. This helps potential readers decide whether or not to purchase the book. Among those Amazon readers who have left a review are these comments:

  • “Parker Francis holds us hostage with his latest Quint Mitchell mystery. This mix of civil war history and suspense will keep you fully engaged and is jammed full or twists and turns that lend to the tension of the story. The writing flows and builds to a fever pitch as the story takes on a life of its own.” – The Kindle Book Review
  • “Parker pens Bring Down the Furies in a plot filled with twists and turns in this suspenseful drama. His characters are very interesting and fascinating, they will keep you turning the page. I totally loved the way the author describes the surroundings, I felt I was right there with them. Highly recommended for all drama, suspense, and mystery lovers.” – My Cozie Corner Book Review
  • “This was the first mystery novel in a very long time that kept me guessing to the very end. It has a great cast of characters with quite a variety of personalities. Quint Mitchell is a great PI and travels to South Carolina on one case and ends up in the middle of two. This book reminds me of Nelson DeMille’s John Corey Series. Bring Down The Furies is a must read for any mystery lover.” – Simone L-E