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Mystery Convention

Bouchercon 2016 World Mystery Convention
September 15 – 18
New Orleans, LA, Marriott Hotel on Canal Street
Billed as the world’s largest mystery convention for fans of crime fiction and published authors.
Special guests include Harlan Coben, R. L. Stine, David Morrell and more.

The Strange Case of Lord Byron’s Lover Wins Award

When I agreed to write a story for The Prometheus Saga, a science-fiction anthology, I wasn’t sure what I’d write about, or even if I could pen a SF tale since I’m primarily a mystery writer. But The Strange Case of Lord Byron’s Lover has not only proven to be a hit with readers, but read more…

Mystery Conference

Killer Nashville International Writers Conference
Omni Hotel Nashville
October 29 – November 1

Listen to Matanzas Bay

If you’re like me, you listen to nearly as many books as you read. I’m hooked on them and always have one in my car, as well as another loaded on my iPhone to listen to when I’m puttering around the yard or taking a run on the treadmill. Ever read more…

Ghostly Whispers, Secret Voices

Unlike novels, which are complex and layered structures unfolding, perhaps, over long periods of time, the short story is a drive-by glance at life. Compressed into far fewer words than a novel, the short story focuses on a literary lightning bolt striking the protagonist with some blinding read more…

Get FURIES for free!

The second Quint Mitchell Mystery, BRING DOWN THE FURIES, is now available for free “borrows” to Amazon Prime members. The Prime program allows members to borrow one book a month free of charge to read at their leisure. FURIES is priced at $3.99, a bargain in its own right, but free read more…